Partnership Challenges

Other people running creative challenges that we are working with or like

Cracking Ideas

Website of intellectual property rights that asks you to come up with new, and cracking, ideas.

Cornwall Neighbourhoods For Change 

Cornish welfare and wellbeing group that challenge and supports people to make positive change in their lives.

Kids Invent Stuff

A YouTube channel where the kids come up with the ideas, and a team see if they can make them.

Keith Sparrow’s manga challenges

Artist Keith Sparrow runs drawing workshops and sets challenges in creating manga characters.

Voice Mag

Voice hosts a wide range of perspectives from the next generation, from writing and videos to photos and podcasts.

Feast Cornwall

Feast brings artists together with community volunteers to launch or invigorate local festivals and events as well as offering new creative ways of tackling some of the social, economic or environmental issues facing Cornwall.