Project Description

Carolyn has been watching the Sun much in the way that many people have in the past…..

She has been photographing the Sun from equinox to Summer Solstice.

The following images have been taken from the summit of the Iron Age hill fort Castle Pencaire looking towards Penwith in west Cornwall. 

There will be an image for many of the sunsets during isolation, Carolyn’s intention is to demonstrate how visible the daily displacement of the Sun is to someone making observations and watching it track north. 

At equinox the daily displacement of the Sun is at its greatest. moving past this towards the solstice sees a slow decrease in its rising and setting positions along the horizon. One question is how noticeable a change does this make from day to day, particularly with a long and distant sightline

This work was inspired by  #seventeensuns #watchingthesun HLF project which is celebrating the daily observations over seventeen years that 19th Century astronomer Schwabe made solar observations which lead to his discovery of the solar cycle.

Why not try and image something solar inspired each day for the next seventeen?

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