Project Description

Mayes Creative’s #CreativeChallengeCornwall is a response project primarily concerned with the production of community focused challenges that generate creativity, inspiration, and morale during the COVID-19 lockdown.

While much of the country is beginning to cautiously ease back to some normality, it is certain that life as we knew it is still on hold for many. Specifically, those who are still shielding due to health concerns or age are still isolated within their homes, perhaps looking out to a world that appears to be restarting. We wanted to help those that are vulnerable within our community know that, although they may be feeling lonely and left behind, they are never alone.

We hope that our newest community challenge can help to combat this. Our new project, #SouthWestShowdown, has allowed us to adapt your favourite traditional board games to be played on Zoom! The challenge can be enjoyed by all, bringing families, friends, neighbours, and social clubs together once again to reconnect with some light-hearted and laughter-filled fun to lift everyone’s spirits!

We want this challenge to spread to as many members of the community as possible, and we hope to aid this through the sharing of your game awards with the social media hashtag #SouthWestShowdown.

Adeline Fawcett-Ellis has created this wonderful award template for you to share with us, letting us know your funniest and most creative answers, as well as the winning players. The template also encourages you to nominate another person or group, helping to spread the competitive and inclusive fun! All you have to do is fill out the boxes and share it to your social media platforms, tagging #SouthWestShowdown.

Additionally, why not share a recording or screenshot of your game? Or why not share a photo of your clay creation or delightful or disastrous drawings? Whatever efforts you want to share, whether they are entertaining, embarrassing, or something you are proud of, we would love to see your #SouthWestShowdown outcomes and creations!

But how do you play these games on Zoom? Well, here at Mayes Creative, we want your lockdown entertainment to be of ease and stress-free. That’s why we have created a comprehensive set of instructions for our 10 Zoom game suggestions, available here on our website page.

We know what you’re thinking, though – you struggle with technology and would not know how to use Zoom! Well, do not fret! We have also created instructions and top tips and tricks for using Zoom, allowing everyone and anyone to take part in this challenge. With Mayes Creative, there’s no excuse to not get involved and reconnect with loved ones by relishing in the rivalry and revelry!

Even better, you can view example videos and photos of these games within these instructions and on our social media pages. Why not take a look? You can also follow our Instagram and Twitter platforms at @mayescreative to get a taster of what your Saturday night entertainment could look like! 

So, could you be a word-play whizz, a code-breaking Mastermind, or a Pictionary prizewinner? Show us in the #SouthWestShowdown!



Charades – 2+ players

This is an all time classic which is sure to lead to some hilarious pantomimes!


  • Think of a word or phrase to describe to the other players using only hand gestures. This word or phrase can be anything, but examples include a person, a movie character, a book, a TV show or a film!
  • The first player to guess the word being pantomimed wins a point and gets to go next.
  • The overall winner is the person with the most points by the end of the game.

If you are playing with four or more players, why not split into two teams?

Instructions for 4+ players:

  • Each player comes up with a list of words and phrases and sends it to a member of the opposite team. Make sure each player only receives a list of words from one other person on the opposite team.

Zoom top tip:

  • Zoom has a private chat function which is located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once ‘chat’ has been clicked, a chat window will appear on your right.
  • Click on the drop down next to ‘To:’ and select the person you want to send a private message to.
  • A player has two minutes to pantomime as many of the words which were sent to them to the other members in their team
  • The more words and phrases which the members of that person’s team correctly guess, the more points that team wins.
  • The teams then take it in turns to pantomime the opposite team’s words to their own team members.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the game is the overall winner.

Categorical – 3+ players

This is a great game to get creative by coming up with obscure words for each category to win the most points! Make the game more challenging by thinking of unusual categories!


  • Each player draws out a 6⨉6 table on a piece of paper and fills the top row with 5 different categories which have been chosen by the players.
  • Nominate a player to go through the alphabet in their head until another player says stop. Use this method to pick 5 random letters to fill in the column on the left hand side of your table.
  • Each player then has to fill in their table as quickly as possible by writing down words for each category which begin with each of the letters that were chosen. The aim of the game is to think of words which no one else will have written down.
  • Once the first player has completely filled in their table, the other players stop.
  • The players then go through which words they have written for each letter.
  • Players can earn points by having written down a word which no one else put for that category. If two players both put down the same word for a category, none of them get a point.
  • The winner is the player with the most points.

Category ideas:

  • Names
  • Celebrities
  • Books
  • Authors
  • Films
  • Food (make it more challenging by picking a certain group of food e.g. fruit or sweets)
  • Drinks
  • Jobs
  • Dog breeds
  • Countries
  • Shops/brands
  • Sports
  • Towns in Cornwall
  • Types of transport
  • Animals
  • Car brands

Articulate – 4+ Players

A family board-game classic, lockdown won’t stop us getting competitive with this game; play it with loved ones from afar on Zoom, with as little as four players to many more! Get creative with word-play and definitions and see which team can beat the timer and guess the most words correctly!


  • Players divide into teams of two or more and each team member is nominated as either a ‘describer’ or a ‘guesser’ for each round.
    • Teams of two players should have 1 describer and 1 guesser
    • Teams of three players should have 2 describers and 1 guesser
    • Teams of four players should have 2 describers and 2 guessers
    • Fancy more of a challenge? Only nominate one player as the guesser!
  • To decide which words to describe, use the virtual Articulate cards as provided through this link: Just click on the cards on the right-hand side and you’ll have a variety of choices! Alternatively, the describer(s) can create a list of words to describe to the guesser(s) before the round begins! In this instance, why not use words connected to Cornwall or the solar themes surrounding Mayes Creative?
    • For ease of play, ignore the traditional coloured categories usually used.
  • The describers start a timer of 1 minute (a phone timer will suffice), and describe their first word. Describers MUST NOT say the first letter of the word or how many letters it has, say any rhymes, derivatives, or synonyms of the word. YOU CAN act or gesticulate, or pass and not play a word.
  • When a team member in the guesser role gives the correct answer (or if the team decides to pass), then the describers should quickly move to the next word and repeat the process until the timer goes off.
  • The team then counts the number of correctly guessed words – this is their score.
  • Play passes to the next team and the same task is repeated.
  • Play continues for as many rounds as teams are happy to play. The team with the highest score of correctly guessed words at the end of the chosen number of rounds are the winners.

Fancy a change? Try playing Articulate individually – each player takes turns describing words. Any other player can guess the answer, and if it’s correct, they gain a point. The winner is the player who has correctly guessed the most words by the end.

Pictionary – 3 + Players

 Another traditionally popular game, this puts your drawing skills to the test and allows you to get creative!

Instructions for 2-3 players:

  • There should always be one picturist and two guessers. Players can alternate between these roles or there can be a designated picturist for the duration of the game.
  • For each turn, the picturist must choose an object, person, place, animal or an action to draw. Alternatively, they could use an online random word generator. This word must not be revealed to any other player.
  • The player has one minute to complete their drawing. This can either be completed on Zoom whiteboard or Paint (both use the shared screen option).
    • Top tip: if it’s easier, you could simply draw on a piece of paper and hold it up to the camera at different stages as you progress and once finished – this may be more accessible for some!
    • Picturists MUST NOT talk, gesture, or write numbers or letters.
  • The other player(s) can guess the word at any time during the one minute until the timer runs out. If a player guesses the right answer within the time, they receive a point and it is now their turn to draw.
  • The player with the highest amount of points at the end is the winner.

Instructions for 4+ players:

  • Divide players into teams (preferably two) and choose a team to go first.
  • One player in the first team must then choose an object, person, place, animal or an action to draw.
  • The player has one minute to complete their drawing.
  • The rest of the players in the first team can guess and try to identify the word during this sketching process and once the drawing is finished until the time is up. If the word is guessed before the time is up, then the picturist can attempt to draw another chosen word.
  • For each word guessed correctly by teammates, the team scores a point.
  • Once the minute is up, points are counted up and play passes to the next team.
  • Once again, the next team designates a picturist who chooses a word to draw in the hope that their teammates will guess it correctly.
  • This is repeated for each team. The winning team at the end of the number of rounds played is the team with the highest score (most number of correct guesses).

20 Questions – 2+ Players

This simple and spoken game requires creative and careful questioning to deduct the mystery word, which can be in the form of the name of a person, object, food, or animal. You only have 20 questions, so you have to make them count!


  • First, one player must think of the name of a celebrity, an object, an animal, or a food. When decided, the category should be revealed to the other player(s).
  • The other player/players then take it in turns to ask questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no.
    • If an open-ended question is asked, then the question is voided and left unanswered, leaving players with one less all-important chance to find out the answer!
  • Players continue to ask questions until they reach the 20 question limit or they guess the answer prematurely.

Top tips:

  • Questions should build on answers already given to maximise the chances of guessing correctly!
  • Players can attempt to guess the mystery word or name at any time throughout the game, but these guesses must be phrased as questions.
  • If the mystery word name has not already been correctly guessed, players must attempt a final guess once they have asked their 20 questions.
  • The winner of the game is the player who guesses the mystery word or name correctly.
  • The winning player chooses the next mystery word. If no one guessed correctly, the same player chooses another mystery word.
  • The game can be repeated as many times as desired, and the player who guesses the most correct answers is the overall winner!

Rapidough – 4+ Players

A similar concept to Pictionary, this game challenges players to guess words that are modelled with clay by other players. Not only is it creative, but it often results in some entertaining shapes – there’s no doubt that it will provide lots of fun and laughter!

You will need:

  • Modelling clay (or try making your own with flour and water!)



  • Players divide into two or three teams.
  • Team members can take turns at being the modeller. However, if clay is only available to a limited number of players, then they should be in the modeller role for the duration of the game. The rest of the players in the team are in the role of the guessers.
  • All players should be in agreement on game rules – for example, whether the modeller can animate with the model.
  • The modeller chooses a word to model. For example, this could be an object, food, or action. This word must not be revealed to any other player. The modeller should have their dough ready to shape and the camera should have the clay in view.
  • The modeller is given 3 minutes to think of their task and shape their dough (this time allowance can be lengthened or shortened to make it harder or easier).
  • Modellers are only allowed to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and they are never allowed to give clues.
  • Their teammates can guess at any time during this time limit, and if they guess correctly, the team scores a point.
  • If the team does not guess correctly in the given time, the other team(s) are permitted one guess each to steal a point.
  • Play then passes to the next team with a new word.
  • The team with the highest score at the end of the desired number of rounds are the winners!

Scrawl – 4+ Players

With its mix of funny drawings and ridiculous guesses, we’ve adapted Scrawl from its traditional board-game form so that you can play it on Zoom and make hilarious memories with loved ones from afar! It is an entertaining and laugh-out-loud game that’s sure to lift everyone’s spirits!


  • One player chooses a scenario or phrase to send privately to just one other player through the Zoom chat option.

Zoom top tip:

  • Zoom has a private chat function which is located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once ‘chat’ has been clicked, a chat window will appear on your right.
  • Click on the drop down next to ‘To:’ and select the person you want to send a private message to.
  • The player who has received the message with the scenario or phrase then proceeds to draw their interpretation of it.
    • This can be done by simply drawing on a piece of paper and holding it up to the camera once finished, using the zoom whiteboard and the screen share option, or using an application such as Paint and screen sharing.
  • The drawing is then shown to the next player, with other players simply closing their eyes or looking away.
  • The next player must decide what they think the original phrase was (having only seen the drawing). This player MUST NOT reveal this to all players, but instead they should privately message their interpretation to the player whose turn it is next.
  • Once the next player has received the message, they must draw their interpretation of the phrase. Play is repeated in this pattern until you reach the final player.
  • The final player must make the final interpretation. Whether their turn falls on having a drawing or a phrase to work with, the final player should draw a final interpretation with a caption alongside it. They should reveal this to the whole group.
  • The first player should then reveal the original phrase or scenario.
  • In each round, a point is given to the funniest, most ridiculous or most obscure drawing or phrase.
  • The player with the highest score at the end of the desired number of rounds is the winner!

Mastermind – 2 Players

Can you beat the Mastermind? Use your power of deduction to figure out the secret sequence of numbers in the shortest amount of guesses!


  • One player is the Mastermind and the other is the Code Breaker.
  • The Mastermind comes up with a secret sequence consisting of 4 numbers which range from 1-6 e.g 1324, 1224, 1655.
  • The Code Breaker must then try to guess this sequence of numbers by typing their guesses into the chat function on Zoom.

Zoom top tip:

  • Zoom’s chat function is located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once ‘chat’ has been clicked, a chat window will appear on your right.
  • For each guess, the Mastermind must reply using the following responses…
  • Correct number, correct spot
  • Correct number, wrong spot
  • Wrong number
  • The order of these responses must correspond with the order of the sequence of numbers which the Code Breaker sent.

For example:

  • The secret sequence is 1224
  • The Guesser guesses the sequence 1645
  • The Mastermind would reply ‘correct number, correct spot; wrong number; correct number, wrong spot; wrong number’
  • This continues until the Code Breaker has figured out the secret sequence.
  • The aim of the game is to guess the secret sequence in the shortest amount of guesses. For each guess made, the Code Breaker earns a point. The Code Breaker should try to earn as few points as possible.
  • The Code Breaker and the Mastermind switch roles and compare how many points they earned when they were the Code Breaker. The overall winner is the player with the lowest amount of points.

Balderdash – 4+ players

Do you know what a slugga or a didunculus is? Neither do most people, but this game gives you the chance to come up with some creative suggestions for what these words could mean! 


  • One player is the Game Master.
  • The Game Master picks one of the obscure words from the following website and tells the other players which word they have picked without telling them the definition of the word.
  • The Game Master then sends a private message to one of the players with the correct definition of the obscure word they have chosen. The Game Master must not tell anyone who they sent a private message to!

Zoom top tip:

  • Zoom has a private chat function which is located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once ‘chat’ has been clicked, a chat window will appear on your right.
  • Click on the drop down next to ‘To:’ and select the person you want to send a private message to.
  • The other players must then try to come up with a definition for the word chosen by the Game Master.
  • The players send their definitions in a private chat to the Game Master.
  • The Game Master then reads out all the definitions, including the correct definition.
  • The players then vote for which definition they think is correct.
  • A point is earned if you guess the correct definition or if the majority of players voted for your definition.
  • The players take turns acting as the Game Master and the player with the most points by the end is the overall winner.

Picture Dictation – 2+ players

Put your art skills to the test with this challenging game where one player describes an image to the other players who have to recreate it!


  • One player is the Describer who will describe an image (e.g. a famous painting) to the other players who will try to draw this image.
  • The Describer can only describe the image by referring to what types of lines and shapes the image contains.

For example:

  • If the image was of a cat, the Describer could not simply say draw a cat.
  • Instead, the Describer has to think of what shapes are used to draw a cat.
  • The first player to figure out what the image is of, wins a point and becomes the Describer for the next round.
  • The overall winner is the player with the most points by the end of the game.